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Domain registration in the most popular zones

We perform registration and prolongation of domain names in many zones .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, .RU, .US and many other. You can order domain registration together with hosting or without it. You also can get domain name FREE by taking advantage of our special offers. Our domain prices start from $5.

com 12 $/year 10 $/year
net 12 $/year 10 $/year
org 12 $/year 10 $/year
biz 10 $/year 8 $/year
info 10 $/year 8 $/year
us 12 $/year 10 $/year
ru 20 $/year 15 $/year
su 100 $/year 100 $/year

Before registeration, please, check that domain is available for registration using our whois service (you can use the form on the left of this page). If domain is available, You just need to fill the form. Your domain will be registered and available for use in several hours after payment.

We can also provide you with third level domain name <domain> or <domain> absolutly FREE if you order the hosting.

To make an order, please go to the order form.

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